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Water Fall

Ontario Water Wells

The Ontario Groundwater site was created to provide easier access to Ontario's water well data.  Water well data is collected by the Government of Ontario and made available online as a free download from several sources.  Free data is great but most of the currently available downloads are not user friendly, that's why OGSR Library created this tool!  We have even more great data too, check out what OGSR Library as to offer.

Smart Phones & Tablets

Use the fullscreen map on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device in the field and tap into the power of your GPS. When you open the map GPS enabled devices will automatically attempt to centre on your current location, #spiffy!

Date Sources

Water well data is collected by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and captured by their WWIS database. Copies of WWIS2 are available from Open Data Ontario. We've simplified the data and made it accessible!

About OGSR Library

Ontario Oil, Gas & Salt Resources Library is a not for profit corporation that acts as Ontario's public access point to many types of sedimentary rock data. Learn more about the library and other types of data that are available.

Library Memberships

The OGSR Library relies on the support of users like you to continue providing access to Ontario's sedimentary databases. Visit our membership page to learn more about becoming a member and accessing additional drilling data.